First Day of School!

The first day of school is always full of numerous emotions but even more so when you are the teacher and a T1D! I started my first year teaching this year in a 3rd grade classroom and I could not be more excited for the adventure. One thing that I never anticipated was my excitement altering my bloodsugars, even after 11 years as a T1D. On day 2 of the school year, I ate the exact same thing as on day 1. But day 2 was different. On day 2 I hovered in the low 50s all day despite the numerous juices and chocolates and peanut butter crackers. Since everything about my day was the same as day 1, starting blood sugar included, I can conclude that those drops were simply due to adrenaline.

One thing that I did learn from this experience is the importance of always keeping extra supplies on hand. I keep juice boxes, chocolate, peanut butter crackers, trail mix, and gummies in my classroom just for days like day 2.

I also learned to never get used to a routine with diabetes because it will always choose to surprise you when you least expect it!

I am so thankful for my Plexus pink drink that gives me the energy to keep up with my 3rd grade kiddos and helps me sleep through the night. It has truly helped balance my bloodsugars this past month even with all of the stress and adrenaline of starting a new job.



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